Brunch all day We have a varied menu with brunch menus, snacks, burgers, toasts, and different vegetarian and vegan options.
We created a spacious coffee place that invites conviviality and relaxation, with indoor and outdoor space.
Our spacious terrace is also open to receive your four-legged friends, because we know how important their company is.
Whether you want to eat, taste coffee, work, or spend time with friends and family, we look forward to having a great time!
Business hours
Monday to Sunday from 09h30 to 19h00

How to find us

We are located in Cais de Gaia - Historical Center of Vila Nova de Gaia

Our address is R. de França 52, 4400-174 Vila Nova de Gaia, near the Port Wine Cellars, on the second line of the Douro River bank.